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The CEBEC-mark is a certification mark for low voltage (<1000V) electrical products. The mark is particularly asked for by Belgian consumers, looking for safety, and by the appliance and installation industry, using electrical components with guaranteed quality.

This page informs you about the opportunities that the mark provides and the procedure to obtain it.


In Belgium, a founding member of the EU (European Union), electrical products shall comply with relevant EU Directives. Electrical products with operating voltages between 50Vac and 1000Vac (or 75Vdc - 1500Vdc) must comply with the Low Voltage Directive. For many products, the EMC Directive is also applicable and, depending on the product characteristics, other directives may be applicable too.

SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC is a "Notified Body" in the framework of the both the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.

Characteristics of the CEBEC-mark

CEBEC LOGO The SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC certification system is an example of a type testing certification:
  • typical samples, presenting all design elements, are investigated;
  • production is surveyed by regular inspections;
  • certified products show the certification mark: the CEBEC mark.
CEBEC mark on a product means:
  • Safety
    Products must comply with international safety standards. The standards are based on EN standards developed by CENELEC, which are based on IEC standards. Technical developments are constantly monitored, resulting in an up-to-date set of reliable standards.
  • Quality
    Appliance and installation components are subjected to severe performance and lifecycle tests.
  • Constant production
    Regular inspections at production sites guarantee that products comply with the approved model.
  • Independent certification
    Test and certification procedures are performed in a modern and independent laboratory by experienced engineers and technicians.

CE Marking and the CEBEC mark

The Belgian and European law demand compliance with EU Directives and, consequently, the CE Marking of electrotechnical products. Every product shall bear the CE Marking; products without that marking are not allowed on the EU market. As such, CE marking only permits the product to be marketed and provides no further information.

Many of the directives, applicable to electrical products, apply a conformity assessment module without any involvement of an independent laboratory or Notified Body. The CE Marking is no more than a manufacturer's declaration that the essential requirements are complied with.

The CEBEC mark means: continued compliance with international safety standards, confirmed by an independent reputable certification body.

Consumers will continue asking for electrical products with independent certification. The appliance and installation industry needs continued compliance with international standards. CE Marking does not provide this, the CEBEC mark does.

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Importers of products with CE Marking manufactured outside the European Economic Area - EEA bear the responsibility of compliance with all requirements of EU Directives. The CEBEC mark provides a basis for confidence for the importer in the manufacturer. Also, with the CEBEC mark, the certification file will constitute the requested "technical documentation", without further complications or costs.

Procedure scheme


laboratory testing pre-licence inspection contractual agreement
annual inspection and market surveillance
re-examination testing



The certification procedure is started by completion of an application form requesting the certification service that is needed, and indicating product characteristics and names and addresses of parties involved.

With the application form, additional product information is to be provided, using a technical construction file. The file should be particularly clear about the various versions and related type designations of the product.

Samples will be requested depending on the design elements to be evaluated. Their number will be reduced as far as possible. After testing, the samples are destroyed unless it is specifically requested to return them.

Technical requirements

SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC technical requirements are laid down in NBN standards issued by the CEB/BEC (the Belgian electrotechnical standardisation body). These standards are based on international IEC and EN safety standards. Requirements on EMC are not included. NBN standards occasionally include national Belgian deviations.

The requirements for the quality system of the manufacturer mainly involve final product testing. Of course, compliance with ISO 9001:2000 will satisfy that requirement.

Contractual agreement

The certification conditions are set out in a Contract Agreement between the manufacturer and SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC. In general, the contract allows the manufacturer to use the CEBEC mark on certified products, under the condition that the certified products are left unchanged, unless the changes were verified by SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC to be in compliance with the requirements.

The contract also arranges the manufacturer's obligations in the follow-up procedure and the market surveillance which is necessary to protect the integrity of the CEBEC mark.

Certification Notice

The Certification Agreement refers to the Certification Notice which lists all certified products, indicating names and type designations.

The Certification Notices are managed in a large computer data base which is meticulously kept up-to-date. Listings are available on-line.

SMT and TMP procedures

At the request of the applicant or the manufacturer, instead of testing the samples in the SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC laboratory, they can be tested at the manufacturer premises within the framework of the Supervised Manufacturer's Testing or Testing at Manufacturer's Premises systems. Of course, the laboratory facilities involved must comply with strict requirements concerning measuring equipment and procedures.

CCA and CB procedures

SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC is a signatory to the Cenelec Certification Agreement and is a National Certification Body of the IECEE Certification Body scheme. Procedures are based on mutual recognition arrangements, which may result in administrative investigation procedures, without testing. Separate lists of CCA signatories and National Certification Bodies are available. CCA procedures are not accessible for manufacturers outside the EU and EFTA countries.

One stop service

SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC certification is generally based on international standards. The investigation covering compliance with SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC requirements is therefore suitable for combinations with other certification services. The Test Report Forms can be used for CCA and CB procedures; SGS Belgium - Division SGS CEBEC will represent the manufacturers in these procedures if properly authorised to do so.

All European certification marks for electrotechnical products are accessible via the CCA agreement. Similarly, the CB-Scheme agreement gives access to non European marks (US, Japan, Korea...).

ISO 9001 certification by SGS Belgium practically covers the technical requirements of the Certification Agreement.

Cost elements

Information on procedures and technical standards is provided free of charge. Information concerning methods to comply with conditions and requirements are provided against an hourly fee.

The technical investigation, including relevant reporting is provided against a fixed price. If the investigation leads to remarks and questions concerning the compliance with conditions and requirements, and eventually to additional testing, the extra costs will be charged against an hourly fee.

The certification contract is concluded, with the manufacturer, against a tariff system with fixed prices.

Costs for follow-up inspections are charged to the production facility against an hourly fee.

For further information please contact:

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